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         The next morning, Deanna had been gone when he woke up. The note she left said that she had gone to work out with Beverly, and that she would see him on the bridge. And then, the day was theirs.


         Will checked the time. He had an hour before his shift, and in that time he HAD to figure out what this day was supposed to be all about. He knew the wasn't her birthday, or the day they had wasn't the day

that wasn't their "almost" wedding day...or the day that he had joined the Enterprise. And he was sure it wasn't the six month anniversary of their renewed relationship. They had celebrated that about a week ago, and it had been a wonderful night..."


         The thought had distracted him for several moments, But that wasn't about to get him anywhere. It was none of the things that Will would associate with a special time in their lives together. But what was left? He had no idea, but he had to find out. He needed a second opinion. Someone else who had a clear head and no stake in the matter.


*  *  *


         Ten Forward offered the perfect solution. The moment he stepped through the door, he spotted Data chatting with a young man he recognized as a Ensign from engineering. But as he near the bar, the young man excused himself to get ready for duty. The perfect opportunity...Data was the most impartial person he could think of.


         "Hey, Data. Got a minute?"


         "Of course, Commander. What can I do for you?"


         "I need some information, on the date. Is there anything that, I don't know...anything special I should be aware of? A holiday or something?"


         "Ah, yes sir. There are several species that celebrate cultural events today. For example, the Vulcans..."


         Will saw an endless string of explanations coming his way. He had no time for that. "Data, never mind. Can we limit this to something which might have a relevance to me...or Deanna?"


         That stilled his android friend. "Sir?"


         Will scrubbed his hand across his face. "Look, Data. I'm supposed to remember something about today, but I can't...too many double shifts I guess." He laughed slightly. "It isn't any personal day I can think of so I was hoping," He simply gestured in Data's direction.


         "I am sorry sir. There is really nothing that I am aware of which would help you with the present situation. However, if I may make a suggestion, sir?"


         "Anything, Data. Please!"


         "Sir, perhaps you might explain the situation to the Counselor. She will no doubt understand. Perhaps if you took along some chocolate?"


         Will sighed. "That's a good idea Data. And it looks like it may be my only option at this point. Well, I guess I'd better get moving, I have bridge duty in twenty minutes."


         "As should I, sir. I am glad that I could be of some help to you. I do wish that there was more that I could do to be of assistance."


         Will clapped Data on the back. "That's all right, my friend. I do appreciate it. Thanks." Will turned and headed off to get ready for bridge duty.


         From the far end of the lounge, Deanna Troi came up to meet Data at the bar. "It worked."


         "Indeed." Data looked decidedly pleased with himself.


         "Thanks, Data. Beverly means well, but her little joke is going a little far this time...It's time to beat her at her own game."


*  *  *


         Hours later, Will stood just outside Deanna's quarters, chocolate and flowers in hand. It was now or never, he was sure. He rang the chime, and hoped for the best.


         ~Come in, Will...~


         Nerves fluttered as he entered. The room was dim, lit only with candles. Dinner sat ready on a rather formaly decorated table. And Deanna...oh god... "Deanna, you look...perfect."


         She wore a white dress that came to just above her ankles. The fabric was like none that he had ever seen before. A soft, gauzy lightness seemed countered by it's almost iridescent quality. Her dark hair fell lose down her back. On Deanna, the effect was...unbeleavable.


         "You've nervous, Imzadi...what is it?"


         Will swallowed. "Deanna, I wish I knew! You see, I forgot, why we're here. I'm sorry, I've wracked my brain but --"


         "Will, it's Tuesday."


         He looked at her in confusion. "What."


         "Beverly's idea...she thought it would be fun to let you spin your wheels for a day. What can I say, she'd rather do anything than deal with her own life at the moment. But, I thought under the circumstances, that she had gone a little too far. She know I wouldn't help her, but she decided to make you crazy anyway."


         Will raised an eyebrow. "Than what's all this?"


         Deanna smiled. "Something of a double-cross. You see, today IS your first day truly alone with me in almost a week, and as far as I can see -- that is more than enough of a reason to celebrate. So WE are going to give Beverly more of a celebration than she had ever bargained for." She approached him as she spoke. "What do you say, Imzadi?"


         A true Riker grin spread across his face. "What can I say?" He held out his prizes.


         Deanna reached for the chocolate first. "Oooh, perfect. However did you know that I hadn't come up with desert yet?" She grinned impishly, then reached for the flowers. Curiously, she studied the tiny blue blooms for a moment. "Forget-me-nots?"


         Will looked down sheepishly. "It seemed appropriate at the time."


         They shared a laugh for a moment before their eye locked. Deanna broke the silence. "I love, shall we celebrate?"


         "Oh, absolutely."


         The next morning, Beverly Crusher was faced with two VERY self-satisfied friends...and one badly lost bet.