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         "What happened to these kids varied, depending on whether they were part of the organization, or just shuffled through her system. Granted, I'm only working from a news report and interpreting what I witnessed to say what happened to the majority, those who weren't part of the organization, but from what I gather of it all, they were most definitely the lucky ones, if there can be such a thing in a situation like this."


         "OK, start there then. What happened to the average victim?" Alexis didn't miss the fact that Deanna's tone had become quite professional, almost methodical. It was the same tone she often used when they would work their through a more difficult case, and obviously a defense mechanism. All the same, Alexis had to admire the woman's ability to do that in such an emotional and personal situation, no wonder she was the best.


         "Apparently, she was quite selective in choosing her victims. It seems all of them were children of single parent families. Actually that makes an odd kind of sense now, because I can remember she used to go on and on that 'none of her girls were going to take part in the destruction of the stable family'."


         "Anyway, she would find these homes through one means or another, usually one of the girls from the organization, who earned there way by being hired out a baby-sitters. Once one of the target children was located, it was a matter of waiting for the opportunity to make it look like an average snatching, or 'friendly abduction'."


         "Just like what happened here..." Will's voice suddenly intruded on the explanation.


         "Exactly. I am afraid the next part is where I came in. By my altering the child's memories of their experience, it made it easy for Jackie to basically take this kids, with basically little or no real memory of their past, and relocate them to what she saw as better homes. In other words, she sold them to two parent families who wanted a child, and for whatever reason couldn't or wouldn't get one through other means."


         "Baby selling." Deanna said flatly.


         "Basically, yes. The only thing is, no one seems to know where the children ended up. If records were kept, the police can't seem to find them. And, once again, thanks to me, the poor kids most likely have no idea who they are."


         "And the others, the ones who were the helpers in all of this...what happened to them? Are - are they in trouble now? Are you in trouble? I mean will someone come looking for you?" Deanna's voice seemed to lose some of its measure of calm at that thought.


         "As far as I could tell, from what I read, most of the girls have been given some sort of ammunity for telling their stories. The general assumption is that they are as much victims as anything else, they're all telling similar stories, I'm betting quite similar to my own, if you didn't perform your duties you didn't eat. I mean it's all motivated by fear, these girls are kids themselves, you know? Me? Well, the truth is, even if I anted to, I can't hide from this. I mean, I doubt they can trace me, I was help by several theirs when I left, but....If I can help hem fix what I helped create, then I have too, right?"


         Deanna nodded slowly. "As long as you'll be safe. Granted what was done is a crime, and given what this could mean for us, I'm not excusing it...but my God, you were only a child yourself, and I know you now. You haven't it in you to do something like this, and if nothing else your coming here proves that much. Any of them, to be used like that, I just hope that woman pays dearly for all of this."


         "I'm with mom on all of this, and I want you to know that," Mandy offered, "but there is one piece of all of this that doesn't fit."


         "What is it?"


         "Well, you have told use about what you had to do and all, but the thing is, all of it sounds like it went on for quite some time. I mean, how do you know you were the only one playing mind games in there? And what about before you? It just seems a bit convenient for a little abandoned mind reader of show up on her door one day and have her just decide that you might be useful, doesn't it?"