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The Garden Updates Page
What's New?

As of 7-30-01:

  • Completed Main page
  • Changed existing backgrounds
  • Created Imzadi & Garden Pages (background only)
  • Linked Imzadi & Garden to main page

As of 8-06-01:

  • Completed main Garden page
  • Linked back to main page
  • Created Love's Garden Guest Book
  • Added Email link
  • Added teaser for Extras page
  • Added Updates page
  • Added Links page

As of 8-07-01:

  • Added Images Page
  • Uploaded first JAG story -- Drifting Souls I
  • Added Garden Stories Page

As of 8-08-01:

  • Added Drifting Souls II to Stories page
  • Added Matters of Rank and Position to Stories page

After intial updates, all updates refer to the Garden page ONLY! To see updates to the Imzadi portion of this site, please visit the Imzadi updates page.