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My Imzadi Fan Fiction

Thanks for taking the time to come and read muy stories! I hope you enjoy and come back again soon.

The Battle

Lwaxana's battle against her past threatens her place in Will and Deanna's life.

Bed of Roses
A "what might have been" for Will and Deanna's meeting on Risa.

Best Laid Plans
Will and Deanna take a moment to reflect on the past they share.

Dreams of Forever
Dreams are haunting Deanna by night...and Will by day.

Forget Me Not
Will is having a few memory problems...

Future's Promise
Will suffers an injury that will end life as he knows it. It's up to Deanna to show him the promise that the future still holds.

Home Again
Deanna's thoughts after the Briar Patch mission.

Memories of Darkness
Will dark secrets from Deanna's past threatens her family's future?

No Way Jose
An unbelievable sundae experience.

Ocean Dreams
Will a perfect Ocean holiday make dreams come true?

Perfect Moments
Will and Deanna share a few perfect moments.

Sometimes, there is such a thing as a good cry.

Warmth of the Heart
Love warms a cool night during the Christmas season.

Wishes and Dreams
Deanna's one Birthday wish comes true. First in an unfinished series.