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No Way Jose 1/1
By Liana
Rating PG13 -- For Themes and suggestion
Disclaimer: Paramount has all the rights, I just do this as a creative outlet. I'm a poor student with bills. Don't sue, it's not worth it.

         "Oh, my god! Will, that thing is huge!!!" Deanna eyed the sundae in amazement.


         Will offered his wife a classic Riker grin. "Well, I figured if we were going to share, it would have to be!" He teased.


         She laughed at his explanation, but eyed her Imzadi suspiciously. "I thought you didn't like fudge, Will? What changed your mind?"


         "Living with YOU!" He laughed. "Besides, this is different. There's just something about the combination of the chocolate and the peanut butter, and the warm and the cold. Trust me, it's just an experience you can't miss."


         "You're starting to sound like me!" she grinned.


         He simply shrugged playfully and set the enormous confection on the table, then sat down across from her and waited.


         "Aren't you going to go first?"


         Riker chuckled softly at the look on her face. "Nope, I think I would rather watch for now..."


         She narrowed her eyes. "I'm not real sure about this whole peanut butter thing, Will."


         Riker leaned forward as she snached the cherry from the top, swiping a finger through the whipped cream and aiming for her nose. "Would you taste it already!!!"


         Deanna squealed and succeeded in dodging his finger, claiming a waste of the offending whipped cream instead. "All right, Will you win...the things I do for my Imzadi," she muttered. She scooped up a bite of the concoction and tasted it.


         The world as she knew it stopped. Her eyes grew wide, then drifted closed. The chocolate was warm and smooth, as was it's nutty counterpart. And she'd never tasted anything so creamy, and warm, and....and then the ice cream, sent cold shivers through her, in contrast to the previous warmth. The whole thing seem to blend in her mouth, and then explode into pure flavor.


         "Oh, my god...Will...this is..." She didn't get any farther before taking another bite. Will couldn't help but enjoy himself as he watched the pleasure on her face. He had to admit, even he had never seen her enjoy herself this much...well, at least in this kind of a context anyway!


         "Will, I don't think I've ever...."


         His eyes twinkled merrily. "EVER?"


         Deanna giggled. "Well, you know... not like THAT!" She flicked a chocolate chip in his direction, laughing harder as it hit him squarely in the chest.


         He slid his chair around next to hers, as close as he could manage. "I think I get the idea. He slipped the spoon from her unsuspecting hand, and scooped up a mouthful of sundae. He started to take the bite, then suddenly moved his hand aside pulling her closer with the other.


         He kissed her breathless. When they broke apart, Deanna struggled to catch her breath. The instant she opened her mouth to speak, he slid the ice cream covered spoon inside. "God..." she whispered helplessly.


The torture continued this way, alternating chocolate and kisses. "I said we'd share..." he murmured mercilessly. "Can you think of a better way?"


         Deanna couldn't help herself, she could do nothing but surrender to the two most powerful forces in her universe....