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Tears 1/1
By Liana
Rating G
Disclaimer: Paramount has all the rights, I just do this as a creative outlet. I'm a poor student with bills. Don't sue, it's not worth it.



         It seemed so silly to cry in this moment, yet nothing and no one could have stopped the flood of tears that fell from her eyes. She laughed at that, and herself, and the world. She laughed now, drowning out the tears for a moment, until the laughter itself had her crying all over again. Oddly, she suddenly realized that the laughter never reached her ears. It seemed all in her mind. That strange reality made her smile broadly in spite of herself.


         Next to her, she felt Will offer an arm in support, and she reached up to brush the tears from her eyes. The world around her drifted in and out of her mind, and she felt as if she were existing purely on auto pilot. She responded when spoken to, made the necessary motions, but she was aware of nothing beyond the tears she was fighting back in vain.


         Then the world faded back into focus and she found herself staring strait into familiar blue eyes. He spoke, but she couldn't hear him through the blood that rushed through her ears. Her hand moved up all on it's own, and she found herself watching as it moved up to touch him. She felt the contact like a rush of warmth in the midst of a freezing rain. He smiled, then faltered as her view of him blurred almost completely.


         She felt a hand touch her face, and her vision cleared again. It felt like a slow, warm fire had begun in her soul before finally becoming an all consuming electricity at the point of contact. For an instant she didn't dare breathe. She felt him slowly guiding her forward, and realized that she to was bringing him closer. The sound in her ears drowned out the silence of the room, bringing a perfect solitude all it's own.


         The kiss seemed to last endlessly. The fire flared, lighting there own private world with it's brilliance. She felt herself being pulled deeper and deeper into that world, never wanting to leave. He pulled back, brushed her hair aside, and drew her in again, this time twirling them both in a dizzying spiral.


         Now she truly did laugh. The sound broke the silent spell. The cheers that filled the room brought a deafening roar to her ears that seemed overwhelming in contrast to the noticeable quiet that had been all she knew only moments ago. And it was in the midst of that overwhelming instant she watched his eyes fill....


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


         It was truly insane! Here she was, once again trapped inside her own perfect moment, and she was once again she found herself in the grip of tears. Will was there, again, he always was now. Much like she had several months before, Deanna found herself in that strange indulgent mixture of laughter and tears.


         She looked down into those most perfect blue eyes and was completely lost. Tracing a single finger along perfect, unexplored places, she forged a connection to the newest resident of their private world. Silence was no longer there, replaced effortlessly by the tiny sounds of a whole new voice. A tear dripped onto the tiny little face.


         Will's fingers once again wiped away the evidence of her emotions, as he had now done so many times. As the warmth rushed through her again as it had countless times before, realization hit her. Tears, which had so often been a painful fact of life in earlier times had also marked the most beautiful.