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Warmth of the Heart 1/1
By Liana
Rating G
Disclaimer: Paramount has all the rights, I just do this as a creative outlet. I'm a poor student with bills. Don't sue, it's not worth it.

         Deanna stood in the old fashioned entryway, wondering what in the world was going on, and why she was here. Will had picked some unusual programs before, but she couldn't for the life of her figure this one out. This certainly didn't seem like a very feasible place for a date....but Will had told her to meet him, so this was were she would meet him. Even if it did seem a bit odd to her, he must have had good reason for his choice of location.


         ~ Outside, my dear....the surprise awaits you outside.... ~


         At the sound of his voice whispering through her mind, Deanna felt her confusion turning to curiosity and anticipation. What was he planning for her tonight? Her sense of expectation grew even more as she reached for the doorknob.


         The first thing she noticed as she stepped outside was the sudden gusts of cold air that rushed toward her. It was windy and cold, and she was instantly glad that Will had instructed her to ware warm clothing and a jacket, they would definitely be needed here. In the next moment all thoughts of the cold, of Will, or anything else immediately fled her mind.


         The scene before her was breathtaking beyond words. Tiny points of light glowed everywhere she looked. They twinkled like fallen stars, on every surface, framing houses, and hanging in sparkling stands and loops from the trees.


         Deanna Troi, who had lived much of her adult life among the stars, had never seen anything so beautiful. "Oh, my...." She whispered, the warmth of her breath making trails of visible clouds in the frigid night air.


         The forgotten chill of the evening came rushing back at the feel of familiar arms slipping around her, surrounding her in warmth. She shivered slightly, but the smile left her face.


         "Cold?" Will asked quietly, his warm breath tickling her ear as he spoke.


         At her nod, he slipped his own jacket over hers and pulled her closer against him. "Where are we, Will?"


         "Well, the house you just left was my old house growing up, and what you are seeing are the community display of Christmas lights."


         "Christmas lights?" Deanna had heard much about Christmas from her father, but the holiday was not celebrated on Betazed, and Deanna had never been able to witness the spectacle.


         "An ancient Earth tradition. Every year at holiday time, families decorated their homes with strands of tiny lights. The methods and types have changed over time, but the old tradition never died out, especially in more traditional communities like mine. When I was younger, no matter how cold it was, or how bad things got at home, when the lights were up....well, I could just walk along the roads looking at them for hours on end. And somehow, it always made me feel happy. I've been wanting to share this with you for the longest time, but somehow it just seemed the perfect time right here, right now."


         Deanna felt tears well in her eyes. She was touched like never before, not only by the beauty of the scene before her, but by the very fact that Will had chosen to share this with her. This was a special memory to him, and of all the people, all the women, he had known through the years, he had chosen to share it all with her. "It's....perfect, Will. Thank you for sharing it with me."


"No one but you, Imzadi. Now, come on," he took her hand and lead her to the street. "Let's see what there is to see, shall we?"


They walked hand in hand, admiring the beauty of the display and the beauty of the night. They talked quietly at times, and simply enjoying the chance to be together in silence at others. Somehow, the cold of the evening was forgotten completely, as they basked together in the warmth of the heart, and the light of their love.