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Wishes and Dreams 1/1
By Liana
Rating G
Disclaimer: Paramount has all the rights, I just do this as a creative outlet. I'm a poor student with bills. Don't sue, it's not worth it.

Wishes and Dreams

Part One: Just One Wish

By Liana


         Any other time, any other year, she would have cursed this day, submitted to the depressing nature of another year gone by. Though she hated to admit it to anyone else even she found Birthdays....well, somewhat intimidating. This year was different though. This year she had a very special reason to celebrate.


         Still, Deanna couldn’t help but be grateful to Beverly for backing her up on her insistence that nothing be made of the occasion this year as far as the rest of the crew was concerned. After all, it had only been a few short months ago that she and Will had gotten back together, and she knew that they both wanted tonight to be a special, yet private, occasion. The thought of what the evening might bring with it sent shivers of hope and excitement through her.


         Of course, she knew that it was irrational to think of such things so soon. After all, they had both agreed that while a commitment to one another should be understood as a part of their relationship, it shouldn’t be rushed as it had before. Both of them wanted, and needed, time to explore and enjoy being a part of one another again. And yet....


*  *  *


         Will set her gifts on the small table in the center of his quarters and paced the perfectly decorated room. It was exactly the way he wanted it: low lighting, soft music, the table set for dinner...a dinner that might well determine his future. Maybe his timing was off, maybe it was too soon, she might not be ready. What if.....


         His door chimed. It had to be right...there was no turning back....


*  *  *


         Dinner was perfect. Will had gone to a lot of trouble to see to that, she knew. And Deanna didn’t miss the significance of the setting either. Everything about it was delicate, from the settings on the table to the flowers placed in the center, the most symbolic gesture of all....13 roses....12 of them red to symbolize love, romance, and passion.....and in the center, a single white rose that stood for purity and sincerity. The simplicity of the sight made a lump rise in her throat. Suddenly, she heard Will speaking to her and struggled to focus on his voice.


         “Now,” he smiled, “cake before presents.” He was up and out of the room before she could argue, then remerged with the cake.


         “Oh, my God.....” Deanna gasped, staring momentarily at the creation commonly called Chocolate Suicide, which Will had always joked was ironically appropriate in her line of work. “You do know how to get to me, don’t you, Imzadi?” she laughed.


         “Absolutely.” He touched the wall panel and the already dim lighting went out completely. Will placed the cake, with it’s three diplomatically placed candles, in front of her. “Make a wish, now,” he instructed.


         Deanna rolled her eyes playfully at that. It always seemed superstitious to her, but he seemed to think it was a required part of the celebration, so she closed he eyes and found herself wishing for the one thing she wanted with all of her heart. She blew out the candles.


         The cake was even better than it looked, and Deanna enjoyed it to the point where she felt that anymore of it really would be suicidal. “Presents,” Will announced. He took her hand and lead her to the couch. The table held four wrapped boxes. At her questioning look, Will shrugged. “Little things, but I thought you’d appreciate them. This first,” he said gesturing to the first package.


         Deanna obediently opened the indicated package, and burst into a fit of giggles at its contents: Jasmine scented bubble bath. “Why, Commander!” she joked, feigning a shocked expression. Will merely gestured to the next box. She opened it slowly, eying him suspiciously. It was a small brown teddy bear, not unlike the one.....She looked up sharply.


         Will shrugged. “Your little buddy looked like he could use a playmate,” he said. But in his eyes she saw the real meaning hidden in the gift....a symbol to erase the pain of past mistakes. She nodded, gave the bear a quick hug, and reached for the next box.


         This time she found a new journal, bound in black velvet. She flipped though the blank pages and spotted something written on the inside cover.....For all the chapters yet to come....Will. Tears stung her eyes as she read the words, realizing that each gift had been carefully selected and was intended to touch her more then the last.


         She reached for the last, and largest, package. She ran her hands over the paper, wondering how there could possibly be a more special gift then those she had already received. She unwrapped it slowly and lifted the lid. Inside was a large metal case. She started to question Will, but noticed a small note on top. She picked it up and read silently:


All the times you thought I was too busy to tell you how I much I cared....all the times you thought I had forgotten.....The truth is, I was too scared to hear the answers.


         She let the note fall to the floor, fighting tears back as she lifted the lid from the case. She gasped at the content, crying in earnest now. For inside the boxes lay dozens of hand-written letters, each addressed and prepared for the mail....and never sent.


         Still crying, she looked up at the spot were Will had been standing, only to find him knelling before her. Without a word he reached out and pulled he close. As her tears fell, he whispered softly against her hair, “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I wanted to tell you....I tried much I loved you, I....”


         She drew back, trying to assure him. “Oh, my Imzadi....Will, I -” he stopped her, pressing his fingers gently to her lips. Shaking his head, he reached up and tenderly brushed the tears from her eyes.


         “No more tears, my darling. I have one thing left to give you.” Deanna’s mouth went dry. She tried to beg, to plead with him to stop. She wanted him to continue....desperately, in fact, but she didn’t know if she could withstand the bittersweet ache in her chest much longer....she loved him so much that it literally hurt. But she couldn’t speak....She looked up just as he withdrew the ring from his pocket..... “Will you marry me?”


         She tried to speak, and failed. She didn’t have to. From somewhere deep in her soul, the answer came. ~ yes.....ooooohh, Imzadi....yes... ~


         He slipped the ring on her finger, then stood slowly, drawing her up with him. He kissed her sweetly, drawing her more deeply against his chest to hold her tightly. Suddenly he heard the sound of soft laughter. “What?” he asked, clearly confused.


         She smiled up at him. “I think I like those silly superstitions of yours after all,” she whispered.